Jewellery from GIA certified diamonds create dazzling diamond jewellery. Buy wholesale platinum diamond jewellery from diamond brokers and factory direct from the jewellery factory. AGS certified diamonds and the AGS ideal cut triple zero diamond makes the finest sparkling platinum and gold diamond jewellery.

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Buy wholesale platinum diamond jewelry and engagement rings the same high quality as found in stores such as Cartier and Tiffany. Briday jewellery designed to last a lifetime using GIA and AGS certified diamonds, and ethical Canadian diamonds. The Canadian diamonds come with the NWT certificate of origin with the ensignia of the Polar Bear. Tundra Diamonds are a premium brand of Canadian diamonds.


Jewellery is a symbol of eternal love and happiness. Jewellery for engagement rings or simply jewellery for birthday presents. For that special person in your life the gift of jewellery can not be matched. Quality jewellery will last generations. Our family has jewellery pieces that are over a century old and still look like brand new jewellery. Created in the warmth of the earth, lasting til the end of time. Jewellery is the ultimate display of the love a couple shares. The jewellery reminds us and of your special love.

Jewellery comes in various qualities. Stay away from cheap eastern-Asia manufactured jewellery. This jewellery is typically hollowed out and damages easily. Quality jewellery is hand crafted. Canada Diamonds a diamond wholesaler uses a Swiss goldsmith for their hand made jewellery. You can't compare the quality of jewellery with the cheaply manufactured Asian jewellery.

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Jewellery on the Internet is now possible at wholesale prices. Diamond brokers and diamond wholesalers now offer premium quality diamond jewellery direct to the consumer. You'll save yourself about half price on your jewellery as compared to retail jewellers. Also those retail jewellers out there usually sell inferior quality jewellery.

Jewellery from retail jewellers is typically very poor quality. Jewellery a retail jeweller sells is usually a hollowed out Asian manufactured jewellery. In addition a retail jeweller can make a tremendous profit selling a inferior diamond in the jewellery.


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